Welcome to Packetstan

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Packetstan! To begin, let me explain the origin of our sites name. A few years ago I was at a client trying to explain how an ISP in Pakistan took down most of YouTube. Every time I mentioned the country of Pakistan, I would mispronounce it as Packetstan. At the end of the meeting, I ran out and registered the domain.

The goals of this blog is to have a public outlet to publish research, reviews and analysis as they relate to packets. I have enlisted a few of my friends and Gurus to share their packet kung fu with the community.

This site is about fun, exploration, and learning. We will be publishing:
  • Packet captures
  • Packet analysis
  • Tools
  • Reviews of tools
  • Tutorials
  • Book & paper reviews
  • Rants :-)
On Monday, June 14, 2010, we will be releasing Packetrix, a Linux distro dedicated to packet exploration. We will of course be announcing it here, and on Twitter. If you have any ideas for content, please let us know. Thanks!


  1. Good luck on this new journey guys! :D

  2. Thanks Martin! Thanks for stopping by

  3. Hey Mike,

    this is 10.30 from 503-Orlando 2010 ... Looking forward to see whats in here and this Packetrix.. good luck !


  4. Mike,

    If its a match, I have several entries on http://packetheader.blogspot.com/ that might be useful contributions.

    Good luck and cool idea on the distro!


  5. Thanks Charles-Etienne!

    Joff, Ill check them out after I kick packetrix out the door :-).. Thanks my friend

  6. Looking forward to following all the good stuff I know will be on here. Like a "Command Line Kung Fu" for packet jockeys! =-)

  7. Look forward to your site and Packetrix. Good luck!

  8. WooHoo!!! And the bacon? ;)