Welcome to Packetstan

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Packetstan! To begin, let me explain the origin of our sites name. A few years ago I was at a client trying to explain how an ISP in Pakistan took down most of YouTube. Every time I mentioned the country of Pakistan, I would mispronounce it as Packetstan. At the end of the meeting, I ran out and registered the domain.

The goals of this blog is to have a public outlet to publish research, reviews and analysis as they relate to packets. I have enlisted a few of my friends and Gurus to share their packet kung fu with the community.

This site is about fun, exploration, and learning. We will be publishing:
  • Packet captures
  • Packet analysis
  • Tools
  • Reviews of tools
  • Tutorials
  • Book & paper reviews
  • Rants :-)
On Monday, June 14, 2010, we will be releasing Packetrix, a Linux distro dedicated to packet exploration. We will of course be announcing it here, and on Twitter. If you have any ideas for content, please let us know. Thanks!